..15 May 2005..

eh ppl... this blog is OFFICIALL CLOSED!!!
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..08 May 2005..

woohoo!!! baptism is next week.. oh no.. it's like so fast!!! submitted the form today.. GLADYS ZHONG PEIXUAN! haha... ;) eh... oh no.. everyone is gonna say a testi.. eh.. wht should i say?!?! hmmm...

ok.. stayed around in church. toking bout baptism stuff and laughing and all tht... yeahz.. celine also gonna get baptise this time.. EMIKO = si mi wah ko... wahaha... pastor also funny sia... haha... total 10 of us getting baptise.. :)
1) gladys - me!
2) rhys - shiling
3) leticia - cindy short
4) emiko - celine
5) tiffany - tracy
6) magdalene - cindy tall
7) ivy - ivy
8) janelle - huiwen
+ 2 other kids.. joshua and sis.. :)

ok.. after hanging around papa drive us to sab house.. to see noonoo.. haha.. cute cute.. so small.. haha.. got a hard time trying to catch it and carry it.. haha... leticia was finding food to eat from the time we came in.. rhys was trying to get noonoo out under the sofa... papa was sleeping... godma... eh... just there..haha... yah lor.. after tht.. headed home... :)

funny thing: when u are driving a car.. when u wanna turn left wht signal did u make? BUT.. sier... he signaled right... and leticia was like... eh... u turning where huh?

another thing...
sier: u watched <>?
me: eh..no... wht kind of show is that?
sier: hmmmm.. it's like a 2hr type of show...
wah.. i feel like.. arggg... IT'S NOT FUNNY LAH!

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..04 May 2005..

RP = paperless school? booo.. it's just a cca launch.. u can try come walking at the campus at RP.. it's all filled with poster... and when my band wanna print poster.. we were told them.. eh.. no more paper? cannot print coloured one? everyone is fighting for the paper lah.. and space to put the poster... ahhh.. tiring.. it's just a cca launch... went to paste the poster at phoenix park... tiring lah.. phoenix park got so many blk.. then i also blur i at which blk...

tomolo start of cca launch...

ok...... tht's all..

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..02 May 2005..

woohoo.. another tiring day out with dan, stan & shirleen... :) woke up 11+ then went my another house.. wahaha.. u know? at the PS there.. yayaya.. haha.. went for lunch first then headed HOME.. haha.. yeapz.. watched sajc band perform.. haiz.. nice... now rpws have ppl.. and i'm wondering when can we have tht nice sound.. wahahaha...

after tht.. headed to heeren.. shop shop.. then went taka.. for dinner... then we crap.. and haiz.. shirleen.. so naughty one.. from istana she saw one sa guy bro.. then she went mad.. till we went home... haha.. then we tok about going overseas... when can our band go overseas? next yr? pls!!! haha.. :p

yaya.. i saw this cute little guy.. ethan.. he's just 6 lah.. and he's busking at orchard already.. he's so cool.. haha.. he plays the drum.. and he's listening to hillsong and playing the drums lah.. haha.. so cool..

ok.. go sleep le...

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woohoo... went our yest.... with tracy, celine, the koh siblings haha.. candice, becky and rachel after church... cause tracy wanna buy gown... for her dinner.. yeapz...

on our way there was thinking of christian name lah.. then all they say cannot cannot.. and starts to think of funny name for me... -_-" crap all the way at mrt... then reach somerset, we went mount zion cause the shop was playing christian music quite loudly.. attract out attention.. then yah.. then they have the name tag all tht.. then we search.. then i found.. GLADYS... haha.. tht is the only name they all say ok... ;)

GLADYS = God's Princess ;)

tracy choose tiffany.. i think tht name suits her more than valerie..

ok... we have a fun and tired day out.. it's so tiring lah.. i dunno why.. leg pain.. haha.. then when tracy go look for her shoe.. me and celine wanna find some seats then rachel keep saying.. dun seat lah.. u all very lazy leh... then she go seat on the chair herself... -_-"

we ate alot yest too.... went og.. we buy lotsa tidbits at the top level.. then we ate.. then we went taka... ate yoshinoya... then we went buy the icecream... eat till super full lor...

ok.. me going out le.. gtg bath.. buaiz...


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..01 May 2005..

ahhhh!!! baptising on 14 may!!! it's like eh.. so exciting? ahhaa.. dunno why.. but.. yah.. haha... was thinking of christian names... haha.. then althea suggest.. skye, raine, wyn(but i think tht's guy name).. yah.. then tina say.. grace... shuhei says rena... hmmm.. so wht? i dunno.. haha... beryl?
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..28 April 2005..

hmmm... i know i shouldn't be blogging now lah... cause i still have things not yet done.. yeah...

- poster to be done and submitted tomolo morning!
- reading up the thing that sabrina gave me.. gotta share during cell..

hmmm.... poster.. no inspiration!!! HOW?!?!!? ahHHH!

i think today we think too much... haha.. cause mr glosz wanted to meet comm for meeting... then we thought he was going to scold us for all the last min thingy that we have... haha... but.. he was toking bout other things.. :p

ok.. band.. wahaha.. cool... we have like eh... 33 ppl just join... eh.. though not all come every prac.. but.. it's real cool lah.. haha.. full band sound.. ;) more things coming up for band!!! haha!!! performance in school, performance outside, concert!!! camp!!! haha.. lining up.. haha...

i'm.typing.at...11:58 PM

..24 April 2005..

woohoo.. GUITAR!!! woohoo!!! haha.. thanks all who shared to buy me a guitar!!! woohoo!!! haha... ;)

i dunno why.. after i make the decision.. i felt relieved.. but still worry at the another hand.. hmmm.. will see how things go...


ok... tht's all..

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